Southern Illinois' bus gets stuck on side of highway for several hours

It wasn’t an ideal Sunday for the Southern Illinois men’s basketball team. First, the Salukis lost at Illinois State by 18 points, their third loss in a row. The bigger issue, though: the team’s bus got stranded on Interstate 57 in Illinois for nearly six hours, from Sunday night into Monday morning.

According to The Southern, the bus got stuck in the snow – and since only emergency travel was allowed on the highway, no cars or tow trucks were able to get to them for several hours.

Athletic director Mario Moccia spoke to, saying that the bus driver pulled off the side of the road when the weather got too bad, planning to wait until it cleared. Unfortunately, the bus got stuck when it hoped to resume driving.

"They're warm," Moccia said. "They've got enough gas and food on the bus. The worst-case scenario is they will be there until the highway opens. They'll have to wait for a tow truck to pull them out."

A tow truck eventually came around 1 a.m, when they went to a church and slept, according to

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