Sparty supporters burned some couches after losing to Indiana

The Izzone was fantastic Tuesday night -- and then came some couch-burning by a select few. (US Presswire)

I know West Virginia students take a lot of pride in their ability to rise up and torch upholstery with the best of them, but it's high time we started putting Michigan State fans in a similar class.

We've seen this happen before -- the couch burning, that is -- following an MSU loss. Ah, yes, the loss is the key factor. And I guess that's what separates WVU from most other schools. The 'Eers faithful burn in celebration. It is a gala, an observance of good things and happy times. They burn to appease their gods.

Most other places find something to light on fire out of anguish, frustration or a penchant to destroy when teenagers can't score more points than other teenagers. First came MSU's student body impressively waiting on line in cold conditions many hours before the game. Then the game happened. It was fun and good and one of the best of the year. But MSU fell to the Hoosiers for the second time this season, so Spartans fans got fired up in wake of the loss. College kids, you are so lovingly predictable.

Here's the report from

Three couches and a dumpster full of trash were set on fire between 9:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. at Cedar Village, an apartment living community situated along Bogue Street near Grand River Avenue just off MSU's campus. East Lansing Fire Department Capt. Greg Baker said all four fires were quickly extinguished quickly without issue. No one was injured and the blazes caused no serious damage, he said. ... MSU basketball losses and couch fires have coincided since at least 1999, when students and residents in East Lansing rioted following a Spartans loss in the Final Four.

So, yes, the reputation is earned, MSU fans. Here are a few shots that I came upon perusing Twitter early this morning. The ironically named Cedar Village is where the pyres came to be.

More up-close-and-personal pictures of the damage are here and here. It's fine; no one got injured, and some stinky furniture met its maker. Couch-burning has somehow become as much a part of the major-college experience as bad beer, PJs in the dorm caf and really big football/basketball games.

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