Sticks and stones can't break Duke's bones

A stolen mascot head can't steal Duke's mojo. (Getty Images)

In the latest Tobacco Road rivalry prank, the Duke Blue Devil mascot head was stolen and placed on a pole outside of a UNC campus store before Wednesday's game between the two storied programs.

However, the pranksters' attempt to put some bad mojo on Duke failed as Coach K’s boys defeated Roy Williams' North Carolina team 73-68 at Cameron Indoor Stadium. North Carolina is now 2-14 vs. a top-five Duke team, including 1-11 at Cameron.

Other rivalry pranks from the past include Duke students cloaking UNC’s “Silent Sam” statue in Duke blue and Michael Jordan’s retired jersey mysteriously disappearing from the rafters of the Dean Smith Center and ending up in Cameron.

If anything, rivalry week always brings out the prankster in folks.

Stay classy, Tobacco Road.

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