Study: Elite Eight run worth more than $72 million for Dayton

Dayton's second-best run ever in the NCAAs amounted to unusual exposure. (USATSI)

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Earlier this week, we passed along the bad associated with Dayton's Elite Eight run: the tax bill the city paid due to so much police required to handle the frenzied celebrations.

Well, here's the other side of it -- the very good. Per the school, Dayton earned $72.66 million worth of "media exposure" thanks to making it to the South regional final. The report was done by the Dayton City Commission.

"A mixed method, multi-media examination was performed to assess the quality and value of media exposure from the start of the tournament, March 18, until the loss to the University of Florida Gators on March 29," according to the report.

The study professed to use similar metrics and takeaways as Butler, VCU, George Mason and Wichita State did in wake of their tournament boons over the past decade. Games, TV exposure and social media exposure were the elements extracted to determien value. Game time was based on 30-second ad costs depending on the channel that Dayton's games were played.

There were three major components to this study: game play, television exposure and social media exposure. A value for actual game time was assessed based upon the cost of a 30 second advertisement.

The total estimated value: $72,660,482.

"This estimate reflects television clips from news outlets, syndicated television programs and sports analyses, as well as actual game play," per UD. "The game play value is estimated at $36.7 million; clips from cable and network television brought a combined value of $34.5 million. Social media exposure was harder to gauge. We used a best practice valuation of ¢0.005 for Twitter impressions and $2.4 for a tagged Facebook post. Together, the publicity value for Facebook and Twitter is $726,321."

Twitter: somehow makin' money for everybody except the people actually using it -- but very relatively speaking. See why below. Image via Dayton's report.

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