Syracuse advertises Tyler Ennis jersey

Colleges have long sold replica jerseys representing specific players. North Carolina's No. 23 jersey is commonly known as Michael Jordan's jersey, Syracuse's No. 15 jersey is known as Carmelo Anthony, and so forth.

Everyone knows which player the school is hyping up, but since colleges can't make money off a player's likeness, we all have to pretend it's just a number and a school.

Until Friday, when Syracuse's official athletic Twitter account tweeted out the above tweet. It's since been deleted, but there likely will be some sort of fallout from this.

Schools overtly advertising a specific player's jersey -- with their name in the advertisement -- is a big no-no.

UPDATE: It was on Facebook, too.

UPDATE 2: This isn't the first time Syracuse has had issues with its social media. In 2011, the school's official Twitter account sent out a tweet about DaJuan Coleman committing to the school -- but he hadn't signed with the Orange yet. Then this past fall, the school's Twitter account linked to a story about two cousins committing to Syracuse -- again, before the players signed.

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