Syracuse loss to BC at home pushes Florida to No. 1 in Top 25 (and one)

RALEIGH, N.C. -- I originally planned to travel here Friday in advance of Saturday's rematch between Syracuse and Duke at Cameron, but I changed my flight once last week's Duke-UNC game was rescheduled for what is now -- let me check the clock -- tonight.

(Might as well be here for both, right?)

So here's the truth: I was on a plane Wednesday night when the Orange inexplicably lost at the Carrier Dome to Boston College, meaning I didn't see a minute of the game. And the plane did not have WiFi, meaning I didn't know the upset happened until well after it happened. Obviously, I was shocked by the final score because the Eagles A) entered on a six-game losing streak and with a 6-19 record, and B) were a 14-point underdog and, at tipoff, rated 194th in the RPI. Even after this win at Syracuse, BC is still rated 169th in the RPI, which means the Orange, in a span of a few of hours, went from being one of the two remaining undefeated teams in Division I men's basketball to being the only team ranked in the top 20 of the AP poll with a loss to a school currently rated lower than 150 in the RPI.

Translation: This was a really, really, really bad loss.

And it's a loss, by the way, that should indirectly enhance Wichita State's reputation because it's a loss that highlights just how difficult it is to win every game you play regardless of the competition. The Shockers, now 28-0, haven't competed against the nation's toughest schedule this season, I admit. But they have played 18 schools with better RPI ratings than this Boston College team that "sucks," according to Florida senior Patric Young, and Wichita State has succesfully handled each of those opponents, home and away, which must be worth something -- especially after a night like Wednesday night.

Anyway ...

The Top 25 (and one) updates every morning and also on Sunday nights.

Here's the latest version:

(Click this link to view each team's previous ranking, recent results, future schedule, etc.)

  1. Florida (24-2)
  2. Wichita State (28-0)
  3. Arizona (24-2)
  4. Syracuse (25-1)
  5. San Diego State (23-2)
  6. Creighton (22-4)
  7. Villanova (23-3)
  8. Kansas (20-6)
  9. Cincinnati (24-3)
  10. Iowa State (20-5)
  11. Duke (21-5)
  12. Wisconsin (21-5)
  13. Michigan State (21-5)
  14. Iowa (19-6)
  15. Saint Louis (24-2)
  16. Louisville (22-4)
  17. Connecticut (20-5)
  18. Virginia (22-5)
  19. Memphis (19-6)
  20. Kentucky (20-6)
  21. Michigan (18-7)
  22. Texas (20-6)
  23. Ohio State (21-6)
  24. Gonzaga (23-4)
  25. UCLA (21-5)
  26. North Carolina (18-7)
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