TCU basketball player awarded a scholarship in a hilarious fake-out stunt with campus police

Walk-on college players being creatively rewarded with scholarships never, ever gets old. It's often presented in a touching moment, as teammates hoot and holler in excitement over the windfall that will pay the players' way for a year, and sometimes longer.

But a new trend in the sport of rewarded scholarships with a mix of scare tactics might top the more touching tactics.

TCU basketball went with the latter this week in turning Owen Ashieris into a scholarship player, when it recruited help from campus police to pull off a stunt and announce he's been put on full-ride.

Michigan's Andrew Dakich was awarded a scholarship in similar fashion in 2017, but in that instance, the cops barged into his living quarters unannounced. TCU, at least, made its announcement in a team setting.

There is no right or wrong way to go about giving scholarships to walk-ons, but in terms of entertainment value, any stunt that involves police, a potential investigation and raucous cheers from teammates should be considered a success.

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