Thanksgiving Eve Podcast: Why we can't give thanks to Jack Taylor's 138 points

Jack Taylor shot himself into the history books with his 138-point game Tuesday night. (AP/Grinnell College)

A sophomore at Grinnell named Jack Taylor scored an NCAA-record 138 points Tuesday night and became the talk of the sports world. But why should a player ever score that many points in a game? What's the ... point? The Thanksgiving Eve pod is packed with plenty of topics, from Grinnell to UCLA to Indiana to Georgetown to Butler to UNC to, of course, Thanksgiving festivities. The best and worst. Goodman and Parrish are here, and this could be our best pod of the new season. Listen whenever you can over the next two days, be it to get away from in-laws or on the ride there.

On the table:

  • From the beginning: Getting right to the aptly named Jack. The three of us are pretty much on the same page here: Good for the kid, but the whole thing's kind of a joke. It isn't basketball. Goodman actually CALLS FOR GRINNELL'S COACH TO BE FIRED. Yes, that happens. Goodman, you crack me up.
  • 10:00: The big picture with this game is this: Grinnell just put out the greatest recruiting pitch for any D-III prospect in the Midwest and beyond. Incredible PR move for the school.
  • 11:30: Goodman and Parrish arguing. Could basically use that sentence for every timestamp description, though.
  • 12:20: Parrish went out drinking until 5 a.m. the other night, so let's hear about that.
  • 14:00: OK, can we get to the big boys, the ones who actually play D-I? The two turkeys on this pod have been in Brooklyn, watching Indiana play. What's the takeaway?
  • 16:15: Georgetown, once Parrish gets another dig in at Goodman, is the next topic. Otto Porter has all of our attention.
  • 19:30: UCLA, Shabazz and the mess that still exists for Ben Howland.
  • 24:40: The Butler win over North Carolina was more about UNC than Butler. Heels flying under the radar with some woes thanks to all the other news of the week.
  • 28:00: Best part of the pod, the wrap-up with Thanksgiving talk. First off, parades are so overrated. Seriously: what is everyone doing at those things? Goodman gets the Bahamas trip over Parrish for the Battle 4 Atlantis, and he's actually flying on Thanksgiving. Parrish still hates turkey and isn't much of a Thanksgiving guy. I've gotta prep for my annual two-on-two football game with the bros as well. Love November. Love it.

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