The 2012-13 season is here, the Wakeup Call has returned

The second Carrier Classic tips today, between Ohio State and Marquette. (Getty Images)

And (not so) suddenly, we're back. The 2012-13 hoops season is here. It always feels so good -- and has never felt as good as this. Never before has the first day of college ball been this grand or ambitious. Two games on ships, one game in Germany and a handful of other fantastic tips. We'll get to all the games you need to watch later this morning, when Borzello's "Today's Specials" feature returns.

For now, here's the links you should be watching. And as before, if you've got a good link to send my way -- hoops or otherwise -- tweet at me or email:

Around the World

The Beatles: now scientifically proven to be good for the brain. || This slideshow of vanishing glaciers is arresting. || Did you see President Obama's crying video yet? || Cool read: How the secret service and Mitt Romney bid adieu. || An unbelievably devastating story in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. We've had too many of them. || Get a load of this rice field.

Layup Line

¶  I don't to a lot of in-house linking -- you're already here and know where to find the goods -- but here's an exception. Allow me to digress: We put a lot of hours, perspiration (FUN FACT: Goodman sweats when he writes) and inspiration into our preseason content. The tonnage is massive. So if you think you missed anything or want to double back, this is the masthead and link hub for all that content. Go nuts.

¶ Paul Lukas at Uni Watch has such a niche job, but he does an incredible service with it. Which college hoops teams are donning different and/or new threads this year? Check them all out.

¶ TV's philosophy behind going from one to three aircraft carrier games this year.

¶ And another! Another suspension in college hoops, another suspension for a possible tournament team.

¶ Which TV market is the most devoted to college basketball?

¶ Will Leitch on college hoops. More of this please, Will. A great column, and one I was probably too scared to write in the past 18 months.

¶ Memphis has all local players starting for the Tigers this year. I don't yet know if this is a good or a bad thing, but it's definitely interesting. Parrish might find a time or 27 to write about it this year.

¶ What do the SI guys have to say about the year ahead? Loving that McDermott pick for POY, fellas.

¶  This obviously means Michigan State will be winning the 2013 title.

¶  Andy Katz plays pickup ball with Barry on the regular and I hate him for it.

¶ Don't know when Michael Dixon is going to return from his suspension, but he and Pressey are a huge reason why I think Missouri wins the title this year.

¶ WHOA. Look at what Team Rankings is doing this year. Ambitious, exciting, revealing! I love this so much I'm incorporating it into a post later this morning.

¶ Wondering what the media thinks, right now, collectively, as the leaders for player of the year? Mike Rothstein took a preseason straw poll. Good perspective, and whomever voted E.J. Singler needs to be slapped with a throw pillow.

¶ What to glean: that Indiana fans should be thankful the punishments aren't worse.

¶ A shout-out to the independent hoops bloggers, who earnestly give it a go and deserve a wider audience for their hard work and time.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» A look at Michigan State's ride in Germany leading up to the UConn game. MSU does some of the best social media work of any program.

 Longtime readers of the Wakeup Call know I always tag the bottom of every post with a good tune. In honor of all the games on boats this weekend, I wanted to go with a video that featured some sweet boat action. And of course this is the best combo of rap song plus boat swag ever. Season's here, let the hoops hypnotization begin.

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