This is a real thing: NC State now selling 'Roll Pack' T-shirts

This is a real T-shirt that now exists and is available to purchase. (Photo via Joe Ovies)

I'm already right there with you. Yes: One of the greatest sports T-shirts I've ever seen. And how fitting, seeing as NC State is coming off what's bound to be the most memorable celebration of this season.

The good news is, some of the proceeds will go to a good cause. That right there is a college keepsake. I'm guessing every student who made their way onto the floor Saturday -- by foot or by wheel -- will be buying one of these. And then probably five more for their friends and family.

But, seriously, can we please keep talking about this shirt? Better yet, can someone in the Raleigh area pick one up and hold one of these for me? I'm good for it. And let the record show why I'm clearly in favor of the shirt: because the man who is the inspiration behind it is not only OK, but embracing the scene of positivity that was born out of what could've been a very dangerous and tragic situation. 

So with that said, out with the Tide, in with the new: ROLL PACK. In fact, this rallying cry may end up becoming the "War Eagle" of NC State. Decades from now, many won't know the origin but will hear the cries during every game. 

The kicker to this is how it's not some knock-off idea that one of NC State's juniors cooked up in his dorm by Sunday night. No, this is officially licensed clothing. It is right there, ready to be bought off of NC State's official website. The school is embracing NC State senior Will Privette's inspiring Roll of Victory.

Now that the movement has been pushed to this point, I can't help but wonder: when does State get the chance for a repeat roll this season? Or do they want it to be a one-time thing? We'll figure that out in time. But until we get there, expect to see these shirts ubiquitously spotted on your TV screen at NC State games for the foreseeable future. And I'm sure the chants are being concocted somewhere on that campus right now as well.

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