Marvin Bagley III, the best high school prospect in the world, is scheduled to announce where he intends to play college basketball late Monday. The 6-foot-11 forward from Arizona is expected to choose between Duke, UCLA and USC. He visited each school within the past month.

"He hasn't told us anything," one coach recruiting Bagley told CBS Sports on Sunday. "We're in the dark."

Bagley is, and has forever been, the consensus No. 1 prospect in the Class of 2018. But, as CBS Sports reported last month, he's now in the process of trying to reclassify, graduate early and play college basketball this season. Whether he's able to do as much will ultimately be determined by the NCAA. But that's definitely his desire, multiple sources told CBS Sports. And if Bagley were to pick either Duke or USC, and then be cleared to play this season, it's possible his presence could be enough to lift either to a preseason No. 1 ranking. Duke is currently seventh in the CBS Sports Top 25 (and one). USC is ninth.

So what's Bagley's primary motivation for reclassifying?

Sources told CBS Sports it's not about playing college basketball this season as much as it's about becoming eligible for the 2018 NBA Draft. To be clear, he wants to play college basketball this season. It's his goal. But as long as Bagley graduates early, he'll be eligible for the 2018 NBA Draft regardless of whether the NCAA clears him for freshman eligibility. And, if eligible for the 2018 NBA Draft, Bagley would likely shoot to the top of most NBA franchises' big boards -- ahead of Missouri's Michael Porter Jr., Arizona's DeAndre Ayton and EuroLeague star Luka Doncic.