UNC wanted to cut down the nets at Cameron Indoor

When Williams removes the filter, it's almost always a newsworthy thing. (Getty Images)

Tyler Zeller makes his way up the ladder, sheers in hand. He reaches for the final piece of twine. Just then, he's bonked in the cranium by a 10-pound can of royal blue paint, which was hurled by an angry, five-foot-tall Duke undergrad. Zeller's knocked unconscious on his way back down to earth, where he's caught by Harrison Barnes, who instantly improves his brand upon acting like a superhero at the ready. Barnes immediately poses with the sleepy Zeller for a picture that is sent out to Twitter, and the college basketball world has its biggest story heading into the NCAA tournament.

This is pretty much what could've happened had UNC done what it wanted to do on March 3. Apparently, after North Carolina got revenge for one of the most exciting games of the season, the team debated actually snipping Duke's nets at Cameron Indoor, when it won the ACC regular-season title.

We know this because Roy Williams said so on what's being billed as the Tar Heel Tour, a intra-state state-of-the-U Q&A media blitz that's being put on by UNC. Fans asked questions, Williams answered them honestly. Scout.com's Bryan Ives was there, reporting.

Williams called this past season “hard”. Despite the 32-6 record, Williams said the team never “had the chance to celebrate” aside from the victory over Duke to end the season.

However, the team thought about cutting down the nets in Cameron Indoor Stadium, but Williams thought it “might cause a scene.”

Might? And Ol' Roy "might" find a way to use the word "dern" five times before the weekend arrives. This is my gleaning, but part of this motivation was over Williams feeling the stripes did his team wrong when Duke came back and won at the Dean Dome a few weeks prior (he said openly he called the ACC head of officials to complain about some calls).

So, yeah, let's keep picturing UNC's staff and photogs and ESPN's cameras on the floor, celebrating an ACC title while Duke's fans and staff are just flabbergasted. It would create the ultimate rift. North Carolina would have given the best story to tell of the Duke-UNC rivalry. It undoubtedly would have lit all sorts of other fires between the two fan bases that would have careened out of control, though. Ultimately, a good call by Williams to not do it ... but I'd still love to see it.

That wasn't the only Duke-related quip Williams provided. When discussing recruiting and his competitions with Mike Krzyzewski, Williams was not blandish.

A member of the audience asked if Williams stopped recruiting Mason Plumlee because he did not want to go head-to-head against [Coach K]. As expected, this elicited quite a response from the Tar Heel coach.

“I went to freaking Ames, Iowa, eleven times and his [rear end] went twice,” Williams said in reference to the recruitment of Harrison Barnes. “Don’t tell me I'm not going to go head-to-head.”

Regarding Plumlee, Williams said, “It was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done, because I needed two post players and all of a sudden I get a phone call from the Wear family.”

The commitment of the Wear twins locked up both post player scholarships Williams had, leaving no scholarship room for an additional post player such as Plumlee.

The Wear twins transferred two years ago and are now at UCLA, so yeah, recruiting can be a B.

Williams also said 17 of his former players at UNC and Kansas have come asking or inquiring about the assistant-coach job that opened up when Jerod Haase was hired by UAB earlier this month. In traditional Carolina way, Williams said a UNC guy will ultimately get the gig.

Can we make this into a national tour? I feel Williams has plenty more to share and stories to give while the slow offseason rolls into the doldrums.
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