Updated Top 25 (and one)

When I went to sleep late Monday, after watching Arizona State beat Marquette, I figured Tuesday morning's update to the Top 25 (and one) would be simple. Take Marquette out. Put Arizona State in. Easy work. Call it a day.

But then I wokeup Tuesday morning.

And then I realized Dayton beat Gonzaga out in Maui.

And so, with apologies to Arizona State sophomore Jahii Carson, who really is just a blast to watch, I've instead adjusted the rankings by moving Dayton to No. 21 and dropping Gonzaga from 18th to 25th, which means there's no spot, at the moment, for ASU. Dayton, for the time being, took Arizona State's spot because, I think, Dayton's perfect record featuring a win over Gonzaga trumps Arizona State's perfect record featuring a win over Marquette.

Simple as that.

So that's the bad news, ASU.

But here's the good news: Creighton is on the schedule next. Beat the Bluejays on Thursday, and the Sun Devils are in. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Anyway ...

The Top 25 (and one) updates every morning and also on Sunday nights.

Here's the latest version:

(Click this link to view each team's previous ranking, recent results, future schedule, etc.)

  1. Michigan State (6-0)
  2. Kansas (4-0)
  3. Kentucky (5-1)
  4. Duke (5-1)
  5. Arizona (5-0)
  6. Oklahoma State (5-0)
  7. Ohio State (5-0)
  8. Syracuse (5-0)
  9. Wisconsin (6-0)
  10. Florida (5-1)
  11. North Carolina (4-1)
  12. Louisville (5-1)
  13. Oregon (4-0)
  14. Iowa State (5-0)
  15. Virginia (4-1)
  16. UCLA (5-0)
  17. Connecticut (6-0)
  18. Wichita State (6-0)
  19. Baylor (5-0)
  20. Creighton (4-0)
  21. Dayton (5-0)
  22. Michigan (4-2)
  23. Florida State (5-1)
  24. UMass (6-0)
  25. Gonzaga (4-1)
  26. Indiana (5-1)
In: Dayton
Out: Marquette
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