Updated Top 25 (and one)

Kentucky lost for the second time in its past seven games late Friday by squandering a halftime lead and falling 67-62 to Baylor at AT&T Stadium. So now the question, at least for these purposes, is how to deal with the Wildcats in the Top 25 (and one)?

On paper, they're still impressive.

At KenPom.com, they're still ranked 10th.

But they're also 0-2 against the only two opponents they've played that are likely to make the NCAA tournament, and their best win is over a short-handed Providence team. Consequently, UK's 7-2 record doesn't have much substance. But I'm still going to continue ranking the Wildcats, meaning there are now five two-loss teams in the Top 25 (and one).

Those teams are Florida, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana.

UNC is obviously in on the strength of its wins (over Michigan State and Louisville) while Florida, Duke, Kentucky and Indiana are still getting the benefit of the doubt because all of their losses are to opponents currently ranked in the top 15 here. In other words, there's nothing embarrassing on the resumes yet. But proof that none of those schools have jumped to the start they would've liked is that I'm sitting here bragging about their losses.

Anyway ...

The Top 25 (and one) updates every morning and also on Sunday nights.

Here's the latest version:

(Click this link to view each team's previous ranking, recent results, future schedule, etc.)

  1. Arizona (8-0)
  2. Ohio State (7-0)
  3. Syracuse (8-0)
  4. Wisconsin (9-0)
  5. Villanova (8-0)
  6. Kansas (6-1)
  7. Michigan State (7-1)
  8. Baylor (8-1)
  9. Memphis (5-1)
  10. Oklahoma State (8-1)
  11. Louisville (7-1)
  12. Connecticut (9-0)
  13. Florida (6-2)
  14. Duke (7-2)
  15. Kentucky (7-2)
  16. Oregon (7-0)
  17. Iowa State (6-0)
  18. North Carolina (5-2)
  19. UCLA (8-0)
  20. Wichita State (8-0)
  21. Dayton (7-1)
  22. UMass (7-0)
  23. Gonzaga (7-1)
  24. San Diego State (6-1)
  25. Iowa (8-1)
  26. Indiana (6-2)
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