Updated Top 25 (and one)

Louisville's missed opportunity at Kentucky on Saturday ensured the reigning national champions will enter January with zero wins over other schools currently ranked in the Top 25 (and one), which makes the Cardinals one of three teams in the top 20 here who fit that description. The other two are Ohio State and Wichita State.

So when can these schools get off this list?

Ohio State plays No. 6 Michigan State at the Breslin Center on Jan. 7 while Louisville plays No. 10 Memphis at the Yum! Center two days later. So that'll be a big week for those programs. Alas, Wichita State doesn't have a similar opportunity because the Shockers have no scheduled games remaining against a currently ranked school (or one that figures to be ranked at any point the rest of this season). Such is life in a Missouri Valley Conference that's missing Creighton. And though there's really nothing Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall could've done to avoid this, it might still be an issue on Selection Sunday because how many so-called signature wins will the Shockers actually end up with?

The victory at Saint Louis should forever seem strong considering SLU is A) in the top 35 of the KenPom and Sagarin ratings, and B) likely to compete with UMass, VCU, Dayton and George Washington at the top of the Atlantic 10. But the wins over BYU, Tennessee and Alabama probably won't be as good as they were projected to be in the preseason because BYU, UT and Alabama have to date been disappointing relative to preseason expectations.

Bottom line, Wichita State fans should obviously root for Wichita State; that goes without saying. But they'd be wise to also pull for SLU to win the Atlantic 10, for BYU to get fixed, and for either Tennessee or Alabama to somehow finish in the top third of the SEC. Otherwise, the Shockers could get stuck on Selection Sunday with 30-plus wins but not enough quality ones to get the seed in the NCAA tournament that they'd otherwise deserve.

Anyway ...

The Top 25 (and one) updates every morning and also on Sunday nights.

Here's the latest version:

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  1. Arizona (13-0)
  2. Syracuse (12-0)
  3. Ohio State (13-0)
  4. Wisconsin (13-0)
  5. Villanova (11-1)
  6. Michigan State (11-1)
  7. Baylor (11-1)
  8. Oklahoma State (12-1)
  9. Florida (10-2)
  10. Memphis (9-2)
  11. Iowa State (11-0)
  12. Colorado (11-2)
  13. Kansas (9-3)
  14. Duke (10-2)
  15. Kentucky (10-3)
  16. Oregon (12-0)
  17. Wichita State (13-0)
  18. Connecticut (11-1)
  19. North Carolina (9-3)
  20. Louisville (11-2)
  21. San Diego State (10-1)
  22. Iowa (11-2)
  23. UMass (11-1)
  24. Illinois (11-2)
  25. Missouri (11-1)
  26. UCLA (11-2)
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