Updated Top 25 (and one)

Who benefitted most from Kansas' win at Iowa State on Monday?

Kansas, obviously.

But it was also a nice night for San Diego State because that development in Ames means the Aztecs now own a road win over a Kansas team that now has seven top-50 RPI wins and no losses to any schools outside of the top 15 of the RPI. In other words, KU's resume is better today than it was yesterday, and so is SDSU's. So I adjusted accordingly here, then shuffled the other schools ranked around the Jayhawks and Aztecs -- schools like Florida, Iowa State, Iowa and Baylor -- as I saw fit. So please don't look at this wonder why I "dropped" Iowa and Baylor and a few other teams despite the fact that Iowa and Baylor and a few other teams didn't play Monday because I didn't "drop" anybody. I simply recognized KU's win at Iowa State, ranked SDSU the way its body of work now suggests it should be ranked, and reorganized the subsequent teams the way I believe they should be slotted. It made for a fun exercise. And did you notice Andrew Wiggins got 17 points and 19 rebounds at ISU late Monday and is now averaging 19.5 points and 12.0 rebounds in his past two games?

(I hope you got all of your Wiggins jokes in already; you're running out of time.)

Anyway ...

The Top 25 (and one) updates every morning and also on Sunday nights.

Here's the latest version:

(Click this link to view each team's previous ranking, recent results, future schedule, etc.)

  1. Arizona (17-0)
  2. Syracuse (17-0)
  3. Wisconsin (16-0)
  4. Michigan State (15-1)
  5. Villanova (15-1)
  6. San Diego State (14-1)
  7. Florida (13-2)
  8. Kansas (12-4)
  9. Iowa State (14-2)
  10. Iowa (14-3)
  11. Baylor (13-2)
  12. Ohio State (15-2)
  13. Kentucky (12-3)
  14. Wichita State (17-0)
  15. Oklahoma State (14-2)
  16. Memphis (12-3)
  17. UMass (14-1)
  18. Saint Louis (15-2)
  19. UCLA (13-3)
  20. Creighton (14-2)
  21. Cincinnati (15-2)
  22. Pittsburgh (15-1)
  23. Colorado (14-3) 
  24. Duke (13-4)
  25. Louisville (14-3)
  26. Oklahoma (13-3)
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