USF basketball team's plane leaves two players behind at Tulsa

USF interim basketball coach Murry Bartow apologized Saturday for a miscommunication following Thursday's game at Tulsa that left two players temporarily stranded at an airport in Houston on Friday morning.

After leaving Oklahoma, USF's basketball team boarded a connecting flight in Houston, but Troy Holston and Geno Thorpe fell asleep at the gate and we accidentally left behind, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

"This unfortunate circumstance, for which I apologize, was recognized by our staff as the plane was leaving the gate and not in time to get the players on the commercial flight," USF interim coach Murry Bartow said in a statement issued Saturday morning. "We immediately began to make arrangements to get the players on the very next flight to Tampa, and were in communication with them as soon as was possible. Both players arrived safety home in Tampa later that afternoon at approximately 4:25 p.m., where a staff member met them at the airport. They are joining the rest of the team in a charity activity today."

Holston's mother, Monique Holston-Greene, was not happy and blasted USF for not making sure her son and Thorpe were on the flight home.

"I'll tell you EXACTLY what's happening!!!" Holston-Greene wrote on Twitter on Friday afternoon, before her son had arrived home safely, per the Tampa Bay Times. "Incompetent ON ALL LEVELS, where is the leadership? ... Can someone please give me the definition of TEAM & LEADERSHIP. Apparently I have to (sic) high expectations."

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