VIDEO: 2014 prospect bait-and-switches South Carolina fans

A teenager having a little fun, or a sign of frivolous immaturity?

In the video above, friends L.J. Peak and Shaq Davidson show up for their joint press conference to announce their college decisions. This came Tuesday at their high school, Gaffney High, in South Carolina. Peak is a four-star, top-80 player and small forward in the class of 2014.

Davidson doesn't play basketball. He's a four-star player as well -- in football -- and is the No. 6-ranked wide receiver in his class.

Both entered their gym, flanked by an entrance row of school cheerleaders, and sat down for their big moment. Then they donned South Carolina hats, to the predictable cheers of approval from the fans, friends and classmates on hand. A few seconds into the reveal, Peak ditched his Cocks topper and threw on a Georgetown Hoyas lid. You can hear a slight turn in the audience over this.

“I just thought it would be fun because everyone thought me and Shaq were going to the same school,” Peak told the local newspaper. “I just thought I’d change it up a little bit. I really thought about going to South Carolina. I just happened to change."

And then a few South Carolina fans turned on Peak on Twitter, of course. The move was a surprise in part because Peak is a South Carolina native but also because many who follow college hoops recruiting expected Frank Martin to land Peak instead of John Thompson III.

“They have a great history, and I just thought why not go there because they have a history of great players that get into the NBA,” Peak said. “I thought about (going to Georgetown) last week, but I really decided Sunday night. I’ve told all the coaches. I talked to (Hoyas coach) John Thompson last week. I told South Carolina two days ago, Florida State last week, also, so everyone knows.”

Even Peak's coach admitted he was shocked when the South Carolina hat came out first, because the four-star forward told him last week that Georgetown was the pick.

It was poking a little fun, but I could also see how this will draw criticism, primarily because the stage and production of these college announcements already induce groans for so many. They are narcissistic by nature, and the gotcha moment for South Carolina is one that plenty -- especially in that state -- will cringe at.

(H/T, The Dagger)

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