Video: Boeheim defends Carter-Williams

Jim Boeheim on Saturday coached his last win in the 800s, and on Monday night when Syracuse plays Detroit, he will be vying for the 900th victory of his career.

But the real story from Saturday's Canisius-Syracuse game was Boeheim's first meeting with the press since reports of Michael Carter-Williams' alleged shoplifting incident were made public. See the video above as proof, but obviously Boeheim was as defensive as you'd expect in the postgame presser. The "Bud" he refers to is local columnist Bud Poliquin of the Post-Standard.

In short, Boeheim disputes, or at the very least refuses to confirm or expound on, what was reported by Post-Standard beat writer Mike Waters: that Carter-Williams was caught, signed an agreement and paid a $500 fine for allegedly stealing a bathrobe and gloves from a local Lord & Taylor. That's what was in Waters' newspaper story, but Boeheim claims he doesn't always believe what's in the paper, making reference to confessed liar Zach Tomaselli. Yet then Boeheim uses a fact reported in the paper -- the 300 or 400 instances of shoplifting at that Syracuse mall per year -- and notes no other names get thrown out there when something like this happens.

But that's a strawman, because clearly very few of the people who get nabbed shoplifting are public figures like Michael Carter-Williams. Boeheim knows that; he was just due for another feisty spat. What this was was an inevitable conflict between Boeheim protecting his player and the media wanting some clarity. Would he punish his future NBA Draft pick? It seems not.

Boeheim's "shoot me" comment at the 1:10 mark doesn't come across with good tact or timing, either.

The video above wasn't the only noteworthy diatribe from Boeheim. This transcript of the highlights shows his overall lack of caring for his next win and his thoughts on why the Big East is a flaming pile and probably had to come to this kind of fracture.

Meanwhile, Boeheim's likely to get win No. 900 on Monday night. While his players find the mark impressive, he doesn't want to take the time to reflect. It's just his grumpy style, the reason why a lot of people love the man as a coach, really. Criticisms aside, all in all, this was one of the classic Boeheim pressers, and that's saying something.

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