VIDEO: Craft's controversial charge changes game vs. Iowa St.

DAYTON, Ohio -- Aaron Craft's 3-pointer with 0.5 seconds left will be the most memorable moment from Ohio State's Round of 32 win over Iowa State on Sunday afternoon.

Craft was certainly the story.

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But the charge he drew with 1:41 left and Iowa State up by one changed the final two minutes of the game. Iowa State would have had a chance to take a four-point lead and had all the momentum. Instead, the Cyclones were clinging to a one-point lead and Ohio State had plenty of confidence.

Was it the right call? From my angle on the sideline, it looked like Craft was in the circle and also was moving when Will Clyburn left his feet.

John Adams, the NCAA national coordinator of men's basketball officiating, issued a statement to the pool reporter here in Dayton:

“I spoke with the official, and he determined the defender established legal guarding position outside the restricted area prior to the offensive player leaving the floor to start his shot. When asked, the official said he did not see the defender’s foot over the restricted area line. By rule, this is not a reviewable play.”

Ohio State advanced to the Sweet 16 with a 78-75 win. 

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