VIDEO: Florida College's Anthony Allen tears rim down after dunk

It's one thing to have an awesome dunk. It's another to shatter the backboard. They're both impressive, obviously.

But ripping the rim down on a dunk? That gets its own category. 

On Friday night, Anthony Allen of Florida College did just that, completing a putback dunk in transition by actually tearing the rim from the rest of the backboard.

"I'm still kind of stunned by the whole thing," Florida head coach Jim Romkey told Jeff Eisenberg of The Dagger. "It literally broke the rim. It wasn't showing any wear. It just snapped the metal right in half. It wasn't like these were 45-year-old rims either. The rims were put up three years ago when weput our new gym floor in. They were regulation."

A regulation rim that Allen basically treated like one of those hoops you put up above your bedroom door as a kid. 

(via Dagger)

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