VIDEO: Jamaal Franklin throws down dunk of the year

I know I'm supposed to be writing words right now that describe the dunk and how amazing it was, but the best I can do is this: _____.

That was my reaction when I first saw the dunk, and that was pretty much how I reacted the first several times I saw the replays as well. Speechless.

What San Diego State junior Jamaal Franklin did Wednesday is not something that happens in a regular basketball game. It happens in all-star games, in pickup games (if you play pickup basketball with insanely good players) and in streetball games with a play-by-play announcer walking on the court during the game.

And when it happens, the crowd normally rushes the floor. I don't know how only 10 players and three referees were there after Franklin landed.

It doesn't happen in a close college basketball game.

Franklin wasn't alone on a fast-break. There were three defenders in front of him and two teammates alongside him. So he simply looked off a defender, launched a pass at the backboard and threw it down. At full speed. While running through traffic. In a close game.

Simply put, this is the dunk of the year in college basketball. I'm not sure what else could potentially top it.

San Diego State went on to beat Fresno State 65-62.

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