Video: Jim Boeheim speaks out against guns

Leave it to Jim Boeheim to eschew his achievement of winning 900 games, choosing instead to create another story entirely in his post-game comments.

You'll hear some about Boeheim reaching 900 come Tuesday morning, but chances are this is more of what people will be talking about.

Monday night, the 68-year-old Syracuse coach added another chapter to his legacy and all-time postgame press conference video roll when he ended his meeting with the media by speaking out against guns, the gun culture and gun laws currently standing in the United States.

Boeheim hedged his diatribe by saying he's not anti-rifle or anti-hunting, but primarily, the assault-style weapons and accessibility to those guns bothered him enough to speak up, unprompted, before he stepped away from the podium. The entirety of Boeheim's comments can be seen in the video above. One particular quip: "This is our fault. This is my fault, your fault, your fault, all your faults. If we don't get out and do something about this ... I saw one guy, a representative I was very proud of. Somebody in his state had just come out and said we need more guns, we don't need less. We need to give teachers guns, so they can shoot people. Yeah, that's really good thinking."

Boeheim is one of the few people in college sports in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., tragedy to be so vocal and so outspoken in regard to gun laws in this country. As you can imagine, the subject is a highly passionate and volatile one. When sports figures throw themselves into political or societal discussions, they tend to heighten awareness -- or volume. Boeheim seems to have done that Monday night, overshadowing his own basketball accomplishments in the process.

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