Video: Marquette's chamber choir from hell hath returned

It's simple, really. If you're a college basketball program in search of some fun and fluffy pub  in the offseason, just get your guys together and have them act like lovable buffoons in front of a camera. And if they can't sing? Aces.

Marquette caught wind of this simple formula last year, so here we are again. A few weeks away from the start of official practices, and simple-minded bloggers like myself are starving for blog-worthy content by the hour. Finally, something.

Prep yourself for the show below. I mean it -- you're not going to want to be around normal people when you play this on your computer. Oh yeah, plenty of pop acts are covered. From Bon Jovi to fun. to Whitney to Boyz II Men to James Brown to Outkast. And a lot more. It's all so terrifically embarrassing. It's everything to music that DePaul is to basketball.

Oh, right. Of course we can't go on without the inclusion of Ms. Jepsen. Good god, that song needs to be strapped to an ACME rocket and sent to Neptune already.

As you can hear, Junior Cadougan continues to kill small birds everywhere with his attempt at finding a pitch. We first learned of his deadly ability last summer.

I can't help but notice the other glaring omission from this video. Where's Buzz Williams? Come out from wherever you're humming, Buzz. We know you can't help but let your inner voice get out. You know what I could do right now? I could link you to the post of the video of Buzz singing that we ran last year. OK, I'll do that. But I'm also going to embed the video again, just to make it easier on you and worse on him. Beware, Cadougan is on the loose here again as well.

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