VIDEO: Marshall Henderson exits with double middle-finger gesture

We've read the tweets and stories about the way Marshall Henderson exited the court after Ole Miss' close loss to La Salle on Sunday. Now, there's video.

After kicking over a container of water bottles, Henderson then gave two middle-fingers to the crowd before being led into the tunnel by a staff member.

Henderson was honest when asked about the incident (here's audio). 

Our own Gregg Doyel wrote about Henderson on Monday, and referenced the incident:

Sunday night he walked off the court at the Sprint Center in Kansas City with a special salute for the crowd: two middle fingers, aimed at everyone. Afterward Henderson said he had been victimized by someone in the crowd, someone who said "your sister's a whore." Henderson said another fan, unless it was the same fan, brought up cocaine. (Henderson reportedly has tested positive for coke.)

Let's give Henderson the benefit of the doubt. Let's assume that someone in the crowd did yell something horrendous about his sister. Let's assume someone did taunt him about cocaine. Let's even assume that they were different people, and then let's go one step farther: Let's assume it was a handful of people yelling about his sister, and handful of people yelling about his past.

He's still wrong. Still a heel. Still a jerk.

Flipping off the entire arena?

There were 18,498 people in the crowd. Were they all yelling about his sister and his cocaine? No. Of course not. A handful were yelling at him. At most, two big handfuls.

Does that deserve two big middle fingers to a crowd of 18,498?

Via Doyel, Henderson -- who averaged 20.1 points this season -- is expected to return to Ole Miss next season.

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