VIDEO: Nik Stauskas is now ripped and can dunk like a freak

Nik Stauskas earned a reputation primarily as a multi-faceted shooter for Michigan's national runner-up squad last season. While he certainly can grip and rip, in reality, Stauskas' offensive game has always been more than just living beyond the 3-point line. Fans and pundits of college hoops will likely come to realize that fact this season, now that Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway, Jr. are making a living playing basketball at the NBA level.

Stauskas' responsibilities will go up, and Michigan should remain a top-25 team throughout the season, in part, because of his impact. Evidence of Stauskas' hard work has come to the Internet. First, you see his improved jumping ability in the video above, which has been on YouTube for two months now.

Then, there's also this, the picture below, via Reddit's college basketball page. Thanks to an offseason devoted to countless hours in the gym, Stauskas added approximately 15 pounds of muscle and looks ready for an extras role in that sequel to 300 that comes out in March.

Hmm. Now I'm wondering if 68 was maybe too low to rate Stauskas. Every preseason comes with coachspeak about how guys "really worked hard over the summer" and "are buying in" and all that yada yada. At least with Stauskas the proof is right here in front of us.

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