VIDEO: Nik Stauskas is wet, sinks 46 straight 3s -- in the rain

Nik Stauskas is very good at shooting the basketball from more than 21 feet. Rain doesn't appear to slow him down, and neither does what I have to think are less-than-comfortable temperatures. The Michigan to-be sophomore uploaded this video Wednesday of him taking 76 3-pointers in a five-minute span from his backyard in Canada. The first 46 fall through the net.

Most impressive. Stephen Curry's taken notice as well. Curry's a player that his coach just called one half of the best-shooting backcourt in the history of the NBA.

This isn't the only Stauskas video in the genre. Check his YouTube channel and you'll see other uploads from the family backyard. That's a pretty sweet setup. I love how the right side of the court gets smaller due to the formation of the rock wall. Builds character. No wonder he's gotten so good.

(H/T, half the world on Twitter this morning)

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