Video/pics: UK fans set up massive village of tents for Big Blue Madness

The Michigan State Izzone campout over the weekend was impressive and record-breaking for that school.

But no one can hold a torch to Kentucky's faithful. We post this every year, just to remind you: there are campouts for the campout to get tickets ... just for Big Blue Madness.

Unlike Michigan State, we're not dealing with season tickets or student tickets here. No, these lunatics are getting their Bonnaroo on for a glorified practice. UK's version of Midnight Madness will be held Friday, Oct. 18. And according to Kentucky officials Wednesday morning, more than 650 tents had been set up between 5 a.m. -- 5 a.m.! That's when they released the hounds to the grounds outside Memorial Coliseum -- and 9:30 a.m. That tent total breaks the previous record of 595.

More are still being erected as this post is getting published. Cool photos of the stampede and assembly can be found here.

Because the tickets don't get distributed until Saturday morning. That's right, four days of this. And many of the people planting their posteriors in the Kentucky grass aren't even students.

"During last year's record-setting campout, 425 tents had been set up on the first morning of the campout, more than 200 fewer than this year," states. "More than 70 tents have already been set up across the street from Memorial on Stoll Field. In previous years, only a few tents had been erected on Stoll Field by this time."

The stats and photos and videos will continue to roll in over the next few days. We'll update the nuttiness as it continues to grow.

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