VIDEOS: Illinois fans faked out by Cliff Alexander's commitment

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(FYI: Video above includes NSFW language.)

Coveted 2014 big man Cliff Alexander, who's from Chicago, duped thousands of Illinois fans Friday afternoon when he -- very briefly -- snagged an Illinois hat at his televised announcement. Alexander then tossed the orange lid to the side and snugged a Kansas cap on his noggin. Commence Internet outrage. And very funny videos.

I have to believe both of these videos are real, because:

A) Getting more then five guys to do something twice, in an organized fashion, without arguing for at least 35 minutes is something not achieved outside of a laboratory since 1996, I believe.

B) Why would a bunch of college dudes want to make themselves look like suckers by putting up a fake video of themselves falling for an 18-year-old's fake commitment prior to grabbing a Kansas hat?

So the video up top is the one with a really funny 180-degree turn of emotions. This one below is a better view (and correctly recorded at a horizontal angle; c'mon, world, this needs to no longer be a thing) and looks to come from a University of Illinois fraternity house. How can I tell? Shirtless Guy is the first giveaway. Every frat house has one. Then of course there's the composite plaque hanging on the wall.

Cheer up, guys. John Groce is still building something good in Champaign.

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