Wakeup Call: Could Florida and Georgetown finish cancelled aircraft carrier game?

Butler, playing in its first Maui Invitational, will play for the title Wednesday against Illinois. (US Presswire)

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Damn You Auto Correct with a Thanksgiving theme may make you cry with laughter. || Here's a must-read: "The Man Who Charged Himself With Murder." || Joe Biden's aging timeline is worth a scroll ... then another scroll. || Frank Ocean is turning into a hip-hop superstar, a most unique one. || You have to read this letter by Kurt Vonnegut in 1967.

Layup Line

¶ The local, hometown story on Jack Taylor going for 138. Had to link this. You should read it.

¶ Here's the per-possession breakdown of Taylor's game and the teams in general.

¶ Wait, could Florida and Georgetown finish out that halted game from the ship?

¶ How did Shabazz Muhammad's debut compare to recent college hoop stars? Great idea for a post.

¶ And if you thought investigations relating to Shabazz Muhammad were over, think again.

¶ Rick Pitino said he was "blindsided" by the realignment news. Hmm. OK?

¶ The silver lining in all of this realignment is the amount of really clear, terrific column-writing that's being done over it. Here's Michael Weinreb with a heavy dose of perspective.

¶ And it's no surprise to see Wetzel make full contact with the bat.

¶ As usual, one of the smartest reads you can get on this subject -- and I know it's all getting to be a bit much, but read this one -- is John Infante's point of view.

¶ And this is what I promise I will make the last link on realigment for this week. Eamonn Brennan, you are right on. Most of us can side with this, I think.

¶ U.S. Senator says UNC academic fraud should warrant a criminal investigation.

¶ Naturally: The Indianapolis Star tracked what Bob Knight said about IU when he called their game the other night.

¶ Andre Roberson, you a bad, bad man.

Really good story on a small-league guy who hit one of the biggest shots of the weekend.

¶ Texas has bigger issues than its point guard not being granted playing time by the NCAA right now.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» This video is a trip and something else. Watch it all, try to figure out what's happening, then go and read the secret.

This one's for you, Jack Taylor. After filling up a stat sheet unlike anyone has ever filled up one before -- I have to believe no one has scored 138 points in any level of American basketball ever -- here's a song for you. You are a baller.

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