Wakeup Call: Good hoops overtake realignment fallout

Maui got off to a great start Monday. Can it get better this afternoon and tonight? (US Presswire)

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I desperately want this Miracle on Ice typography poster. || Man recreates the scene from "UP" by putting a house into the air via dozens of balloons. || Thanksgiving as a kid vs. as an adult. Pretty great. || A rare white whale. || Really cool: the blackboards of physicists. My blog/story idea scribbles aren't nearly as enrapturing.

Layup Line

¶ Dana O'Neil with enough vitriol to mash potatoes with her mind here.

¶ Gary Williams isn't someone who toes company lines. When he says he supports Maryland's move to the Big Ten, believe him.

¶ A beloved, former Kentucky player rankled plenty Monday with his comments about current Wildcats.

¶ Rick Majerus' girlfriend says he expects to one day coach again. I mean, wow. I can't see that happening, but I love the attitude.

¶ Seth Davis makes the case games this season are better-played because of summer practices. I haven't seen enough evidence to agree with that, but it's an interesting propound.

¶ DePaul is actually looking for an opportunity to spend money on a new, small arena rather than get rent-free games at the United Center for 10 years.

¶ Deadspin gave Basketball Prospectus some love Monday and they are awesome for it.

¶ And here is Gasaway on the seasonal, cyclical inevitably of realignment.

¶ UNLV can be great again, and after years of fracture, the program is fully embracing the reason why it has national appeal to begin with.

¶ As feared, Oregon State has lost a key piece for its season. Bye bye, NCAA tournament?

¶ Nate Silver takes a crack at realignment and what it means and the reasons behind it, but I promise you he spent more time sifting through data with this than the Big Ten did before deciding, "Rutgers is near New York City. Maryland is near D.C. Let's pick them!"

¶ And then Jeff MacGregor, one of the best, weighs in on Silver and the stat influence in sports these days.

¶ Bad signs for one Big Ten team, but good ones for another? Relatedly, we're dealing with tiny data sets right now so this is all flimsy projection.

¶ Most misleading headline of the season so far in hoops.

¶ Hey, it's John Calipari at home, eating things in his casuals, via his daughter's Twitter account. This is a bit too close, yeah?

Moving Pictures and Music

»» This space won't only be for college hoops videos. For instance, Game of Thrones is coming, people.

Let's implement a little funk and dance into our Tuesday, OK? Jamiroquai quite often brings it. Pigeonholed as a one-hit wonder, it's actually one of the better pop-funk outfits of the past 15 years. Not straight funk, there's some electronic, rock and shuffle to it as well, but they're good. You can't not bop to this. The lyrics are just abysmal, but who cares!

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