Wakeup Call: Meet the man in his 40s who's playing college hoops

New York, circa '68. Hendrix at the Drake Hotel. His last words quoted in the link below. (Roz Kelly/Michael Ochs/Getty Images)

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Your 2013 Grammy nominations. || The last words of dying rock stars. Tarry Kath, Cozy Powell's could give you a shiver. Bing Crosby is just a casual boss. And no one's last words should ever be "Van Halen!" but that's the cruel universe we had no choice to live in. || As promised, the year-in-photos links continue. There's no reason for you not to open up your eyes to such captivating art. || Spin has released its bestest albums of this fine year. No. 1 is embedded below. || Gorgeous spaceporn will make you realize your life is nothing. || Balanced rock sculptures, how you tempt me and my LEGO-destroying tendencies.

Layup Line

¶ Good on Jeff Eisenberg to find this story and flesh it out. Meet the rare breed: a D-III player getting honest interesting from the Lig.

¶ Mr. Winn's Power Rankings never, ever disappoint. I could only dream to match that kind of output. I could easily link them every Thursday morning. Maybe I will.

¶ You know conference realignment, but what about conference contraction? It will be happening.

Here's the patch Marquette will wear on its uniforms for the rest of the year.

¶ On Wednesday I linked you to the 50-year-old transgender college player in California. Today, it's about the 43-year-old giving it a go in D-II.

¶ Maryland suing the ACC, but Rutgers is suing the Big East.

¶ I continue to find this fascinating. Take the deep dive down the finances of Maryland's athletic department and realize why leaving the ACC wasn't just needed; it was mandatory.

¶ An ACC team that won't reach this year's NCAAs but is nonetheless on its way.

¶ Who are the ad wizards that approved this look?

¶ I think I've been a bad dude by not linking Jason King's stuff enough so far this season.

¶ This is a long but really good piece on Hofstra and Mo Cassara. A report from Hofstra's game last night.

¶ Mark Emmert again said he wants/expects the NCAA's rulebook to undergo an overhaul.

¶ Well, well, it's looking like I've got more podcast competition. Give the fellas a listen during your downtime today.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» Mitch McGary: Justin Bieber fan.

We're getting to the end of the year, and I've already linked best-of lists for the albums of note for 2012. Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange" is one that's on many said lists, near the top, and is a record that came out of nowhere for me. Really strong piece of work overall. This one's my favorite off it.

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