Wakeup Call: Thad Matta signs long-term contract extension

What are our guesses here? (GIF via @bubbaprog, FYI.) The one on the left's really tough. I'm gonna say that's a John Lennon impression. Simple 4/4 structure strumming and not much movement around the fretboard. Pop music, for sure. Homeboy on the right is clearly channeling Eddie Van Halen, though. I see what whammy-bar action, man. And I'm OK with this meme running its course for the rest of the season. So much better than the 3 goggles or thumbing a jersey. We need to get next level, though. Who's going to introduce the drumming aspect to this? Or just maybe: KEYTAR?

OK, I'll shut up now. Links ahoy!

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Scroll down to see the sweet shot of the inauguration -- from space. And then check out this incredible shot from last night that you'll probably see many times today. || I'm honestly, totally serious when I say this: I don't know how Roger Goodell shows his face in one restaurant in New Orleans. || Scientists are debating if a massive gamma ray whiplashed Earth about 1,200 years ago. || Most of Europe is currently doused in powder. || This is nuts -- and really catchy. I've got an old R.E.M. video cued up below, but check out this alteration done to "Losing My Religion." I like it more than the original now.

Layup Line

Moving Pictures and Music

»» Cute kid calls out the Syracuse starting lineup for papa. Looks like another future broadcast talent on his way to SU in about 15 years. 

Going to diverge from embedding a studio track and hand you a great video from the '80s. It's R.E.M.'s TV debut from 1983, on David Letterman's show. So different. Michael Stipe with hair and everything. I'm not a massive R.E.M. fan, but I do feel like this is a band a lot of people dismiss until you sit down, actually listen to three or four of their albums and realize what these guys were doing before so many others.

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