Wakeup Call: The case for the worst team in college hoops history

Kansas made no issue of its game against Baylor Monday night. Might KU be worthy of No. 1 in coming weeks? (US Presswire)

After the first official Big Monday of the season, Kansas and Louisville come away the victors. You know, that's two teams with seriously sweet chances at getting to Atlanta.

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While you were working Monday, a bunch of other people were recovering from a weekend of chucking snowballs at each other and setting a world record. || I'm really hoping "snow art made with snow shoes" becomes the trendy Web linky thing of this winter. || Bottled water is pretty terrible for the environment, and I'm guessing more and more colleges will get rid of them in the next decade.  || Why sharing is a natural instinct. And it's all led up to this, me passing along links to you every weekday morning. Evolution, baby. || I'm not sure if this is real or fake -- I guess it has to be real? -- but it's an amazing quick video. You probably won't see the twist coming.

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Moving Pictures and Music

»» I love when users send me videos and links. Here's a good example. First off, it's got Dan Patrick calling a random game between Southern Illinois and Saint Louis at Kiel Auditorium 23 years ago. You obviously don't have to watch the whole thing, but the game's pretty crazy. Just watch the style. It's so different from the hoops of today. If there's one spot you should go to, it's the 34:35 mark. (Also, Saint Louis should bring this court design back.)

Alice in Chains, people. Call me a child of the '90s and I won't say you're wrong. Is it wrong that I still listen to grunge music? No, because I occasionally do it in my car instead of from my bedroom floor with the lights off. Hey, anyway, the bands Sap EP is so overlooked. Great little record, that. This is probably the most well-known from those sessions, called Got Me Wrong." AiC has a new record due out this year.

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