Wakeup Call: Which mid-major did itself really good Thursday night?

Strong under-the-radar win on the road for first-year Illinois State coach Dan Muller at Drexel Thursday night. (US Presswire)

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Around the World

An early demo of Rage Against the Machine. Not so much rage here. || Found Borzello's Christmas list. || That's a hell of an airport heist. || Tropical islands aim to kill off 180 million rats. || I hope you haven't gotten Sandy-coverage fatigue. Check this photo gallery, realize thousands of people will not be back to a normal life for months.

Layup Line

¶ A mid-major darling who has already badly put itself behind the 8-ball this year. Didn't think this was coming at all for this team.

¶ Even MORE college basketball uniform alterations. I love this stuff, except when I hate the changes.

¶ Buncha math geeks have the best team in D-III hoops. This is great. Harvard getting put on blast.

¶ Goodman wrote a really nice Allan Chaney feature on the site last week, and this one from Ryan Fagan is also a really nice job. The kid's got a great and scary story.

¶ One of those fake Facebook wall correspondences. Has to do with Kentucky and Duke. Pretty good.

Could this be the real mid-major breakout star this season? A case is made, but I have my doubts.

Meaningful injury from Thursday.

¶ John Infante is becoming daily, mandatory reading. Everyone you hear giving takes off NCAA issues is getting cued up by Infante's reason and experience.

¶ Could Texas be without its point guard even longer? Could he miss Maui?

¶ A very, very interesting read on the after-basketball life of Dajaun Wagner.

I'll believe it when I see it. Good intentions, but can a player truly change his ways? Tough to do -- and I don't know if it's all entirely necessary.

Moving Pictures and Music

»» Uh, this dunk's a week old but absolutely nasty. That's Allan Chaney on the assist and John Brown on the dunk. Thank you, BIAH.

Fleetwood Mac is one of those bands who've existed in the general atmosphere for decades, getting played on light-rock radio for so long, you almost forget or don't realize just how good they are. If you deny this, sit down and listen to 15 of their songs. You'll undeniably like half of them or more, whether you want to or not. Now, this song, I don't know how good it is. The video, which I dare you to watch all the way through, is just awful. But this chorus somehow jumped into my head sometime on Wednesday afternoon and hasn't left since. So here we go.

Looking out for love / Big, big love ...

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