The Washington men's basketball team had a no good, very bad Friday night. After suffering a dispiriting 88-66 loss to No. 11 Auburn on the road, the No. 25 Huskies' evening worsened late in the night after the team bus blew a tire and subsequently caught fire.

There were no injuries sustained during the incident, the school said. According to the Seattle Times, however, the players, who were on the bus and forced to evacuate, were left to wait on the side of the road at 1:30 a.m. for another bus to take them to the airport. They seemed to make the best of it.

Washington's flight was originally scheduled to land at 5 a.m. local time off a red eye, according to the Times, so the travel hiccup in Alabama to the airport likely made what was an already angsty night even more so. The Huskies host San Diego on Monday night in Seattle as they continue to play their nonconference slate early in the year.