WATCH: Boston College fan wins $1,000 worth of gear after drilling 94-foot putt

If you've ever been to a basketball game in person, you've likely seen or even participated in the wacky games played at halftime or during timeouts to keep the crowd engaged. Typically it's a halfcourt shot for $100, or a musical chairs version of basketball. But Boston College mixed it up with its own spin on downtime games Tuesday by mixing in .... golf.

And boy was it entertaining, thanks to the Tiger Woods-esque accuracy from this Boston College fan, who drilled a 94-foot putt from one baseline to another.

If he makes that within 4 foot, I'm impressed. But to drill it exactly from that distance? This dude needs to be on the PGA Tour!


The clutch shot not only netted him some priceless internet fame, but also $1,000 in Under Armour merchandise. His Boston College team also took home the win, 81-66 over Columbia, so all told, this Eagles fan probably enjoyed himself quite a bit.

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