WATCH: Emotional, powerful scene in Creighton locker room after loss

Creighton got blasted out of the bracket Sunday night by Baylor. The most efficient offense in college basketball picked the worst possible moment to have its worst possible game of the season. The Bears showed no mercy in winning 85-55.

The team and Doug McDermott, the best player in college basketball this year, looked alien to what we'd witnessed most of the season.

Afterward, Creighton cameras caught the full scene in the locker room. It's a long watch, but this is as intimate and true of a capture of a postgame tournament losing scenario as you'll see. It's private -- but Creighton was nice enough to share the emotional moment on YouTube. Give it a watch and you'll have a few chills. A lot of crying, but head coach Greg McDermott tries to lay it out for his guys what this season was and what they did.

Red eyes, heads down, a lot of sniffling. The faces on these players: that's the end of March every year for so many teams.

At the 7-minute mark, the coach addresses his son in front of the team.

"Doug ... what we all got to witness ... was incredible," his father says.

Then there's about a 15-second pause. He continues.

"I don't think any of us understand the magnitude of what you've done. And the reason we don't understand that is because how you've handled it."

Another 15 seconds of silence.

"We had a front-row seat to one of the best collegiate performances for four years in the history of college basketball."

Another 10 seconds.

"But I'm still prouder of who you are. ... Let's go get on the plane and celebrate a great year."

Doug McDermott gave college basketball one of its best stories -- and best players -- in years. The Sweet 16 is a little less appealing without the Bluejays around.

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