Georgia Tech celebrated a road win over Nebraska on Wednesday in the most 2020 way imaginable: by smashing a COVID ball. After the Yellow Jackets defeated the Cornhuskers 75-64, coach Josh Pastner introduced a pinata in the locker room made to look like a strain of the coronavirus, with the goal being for players on the team to get their shot in on the virus-like candy machine.

"Whoa, what's that?!" one player was heard saying after Pastner introduced the virus pinata. "Who made that?" posed another. 

"It's a COVID ball," Pastner clapped back. "Because we can't go in the gas station."

Several players took an unorthodox approach by grabbing the pinata and smashing it on the locker room floor before it finally produced the goods, starting with Khalid Moore, who scored 11 points off the bench in the win. Jose Alvarado, who scored a team-high 24 points, delivered the crushing blow to the pinata. Out of the COVID dust emerged M&M's, Skittles, Air Heads and other goodies.

There's probably not a better video representing what it's like to play sports in 2020, is there? It has everything: Pastner wearing a face shield; a COVID-like pinata; an explanation for why the candy was effectively brought to them in an unusual fashion; and, of course, Skittles. You can't forget the Skittles.

Credit to Pastner for thinking outside the box. Some teams celebrate road wins by showering their head coaches with a water bath or by dancing in the locker room, but getting the first road dub of the season called for a special celebration, and creating a COVID ball full of candy meets the moment better than any other option out there.