Grayson Allen's legs and body movement have been the center of the college basketball discussion since his last tripping incident took place in December. Every movement, his intent behind those motions, and how it affects his team has been broken down like the Zapruder film.

And maybe it's warranted. He seems to always be in the middle of tangled-up plays.

Like this one in Saturday's game vs. Louisville. Allen gets the ball knocked away from him by Donovan Mitchell -- and Allen falls down and immediately locks arms with him.

Is the play dirty? It's a bang-bang sequence and, given the way Allen reacts as he locks arms with Mitchell, it would be easy to dispute that it was an incidental contact. But it could just as easily be explained away as another malicious play by Allen, who has lost virtually any benefit of the doubt when an incident like this occurs.

As you can see from the video, Allen immediately clutched his face as if he had been hit to try and draw a foul. Mitchell, however, wasn't having it. He immediately ripped his arm out of Allen's grip in frustration, and gave him a little extra slap across the face.

Allen finished with 23 points in Duke's 78-69 loss to Louisville.