WATCH: High school basketball player shoves a dunking opponent in the back

Disturbing video of a high school basketball player shoving an opponent who was attempting a dunk in a game in Kansas has people up in arms about the level of malice one player perpetrated.

The incident took place in a Class 1A Division I semifinal between Hanover High School and Centralia High School when Hanover's Thomas Atkins rose for a dunk -- and threw it home -- but wasn't able to come down gracefully after Centralia's Nathan Rempe shoved him into the stanchion while Atkins was in mid-air.

The play was dirty any way you slice and dice it, and people expressed their anger about the play on Twitter. Here's what ESPN's Jay Williams said about it, bringing up a good point that it's a miracle there wasn't an all-out brawl:

Other people on Twitter also noted that the intention of the play was clearly one to hurt the dunking opponent.

Fortunately, Atkins returned to the game after briefly being examined on the bench for an injury. He finished with 18 points and his Hanover team beat Centralia.

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