WATCH: Jabari Parker slams NBA's age-limit rule

One of the most influential college basketball players last year is on his way to making some big statements and entering the NBA with an unafraid attitude, it seems.

Props to Jabari Parker for being outspoken on a seismic issue that affected his past and could impact his future.

See, the NBA is getting closer -- it seems an inevitabililty -- to upping its age minimum to 20 years old for draft entry. The seemed even more impending based on this report Thursday afternoon.

But prior to that, Parker went on "The Dan Patrick Show" Thursday morning and opined on how unfair he thinks the rule is. At the 1:20 mark, the 19-year-old expounds on his opinion of the NBA's age-limit rule. First Patrick asks him if he'd be "in favor" of a two-year minimum at the college level. Parker says it would "depend on the individual."

And then they get into the current setup with the NBA and the NBA Players Association, and Dan proposes the prospect that it would move to at least two years. In essence, you'd have to be at least 20 years old or two years removed from your high school graduation.

"I think that's ridiculous because a lot of people can enroll in service for their country, but they don't want to give them an opportunity to provide for themselves and go apply for a job in the NBA, so I think that's kind of ridiculous," Parker said.

He also said he wasn't ready for the NBA a year ago and "needed a year of college." 

Patrick asked Parker if he truly tussled with the decision to return to Durham.

"It was pretty close, I think," Parker said, adding that he almost stayed and that the timeline and stall of making his choice was evidence of that.

There's a few other good tidbits in the interview, which you can watch in full above. Parker discusses whether his Mormon faith was a factor this season and says he'd be satisfied if he could go on to have the type of career Carmelo Anthony's had so far. He also takes a tiny shot at the Knicks, though.

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