WATCH: North Carolina's Roy Williams hilariously fails to rip suit jacket in half

The North Carolina Tar Heels lived to see another day after handling Syracuse 78-59 in the second round of the ACC Tournament on Wednesday, and so too did coach Roy Williams' suit jacket. But the latter had a much tougher night than the former.

Williams showed frustration late in the second half after senior Theo Penson put up a shot too early in the shot clock, and Williams took it out on his suit jacket by attempting -- and hilariously failing -- to rip it in half.

Williams leaned into the joke after the game by poking fun at his viral moment.

"I talked to the guys about how to rip a jacket in half, and how I did not do it properly," Williams said. "I started around the collar where it's folded over so the material is twice as strong. If you really want to rip a jacket in half, start at the back at the bottom where it's already split."

Coaching UNC has its perks -- not the least of which that Williams, a Hall of Famer, can likely afford some pretty high quality suits. That makes the ripping of them all the more difficult and, in this case, embarrassing.

"It's embarrassing to try the sucker and can't do it," said Williams. "I thought I was stronger than that to be honest with you, but I do believe it's harder to do up there."

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