Virginia big man Mamadi Diakite and his 6-foot-9, 228-pound frame are so physically imposing, just a dirty stare can bring an opponent to their knees with intimidation. Just ask Oregon's Ehab Amin, who, upon glancing into Diakite's eyes in the Sweet 16 on Thursday, quickly fell to the floor.

That's more believable than the flop he tried to sell, right?

The official upon seeing what transpired issued Diakite a technical. After review of the play, both Amin and Diakite were assessed offsetting techs. It was arguably one of the worst flops of the year and somewhat amazing that Diakite was still assessed a technical for it given the replay clearly shows no true contact from the big man.

One thing is for certain though, Oregon has been pulling off some awkward and funny flops.

The play is the backdrop of what has been one of the more entertaining Sweet 16 games of the day thus far. Virginia led Oregon 30-22 at half, but the Ducks have outscored the Cavaliers in the final frame, and have traded leads down the stretch.