WATCH: Small player from small college defies gravity with unbelievable dunks

A 6-foot-2 guy from Colby College -- a small Division III liberal arts school in the middle of Maine -- is college basketball's latest viral sensation.

That's because this guy, Pat Dickert, can dunk from the foul line. A legit foul-line dunk. No half-a-foot in front of the stripe. A full-on leap from 15 feet -- and a clean dunk. The video is taking off, just like Dickert does.

OK ... so that's bizarrely incredible. It kind of doesn't look real. He pedals his legs on the way up to the hoop. Wait, here's more of Dickert dunking. Via For the Win:

Dickert is a rising junior at Colby. And he doesn't even start ... yet. He averaged 6.0 points per game, according to The goal is to start in 2016-17. This kind of attention will probably only help that. I love what else he told "I couldn't really jump that well when I was younger."

Forget Steph Curry. This guy is going to inspire a nation of 5-foot-6 high school freshmen.

Dickert, of Hatfield, Massachusetts, posted a video of him making a foul line dunk to his Instagram account as part of his "Take Flight Tuesday" series last week. Dickert, a 21-year-old junior guard on the Colby men's basketball team, said he performed the dunk last week at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

"I went there with the intent to make the dunk," he said. "I've been practicing it for a long time and I didn't want to be the known as the 'missed dunk guy.'"

By Tuesday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 233,000 times on Instagram and another 33,000 times on YouTube.

"It's something I couldn't possibly have expected," Dickert said. "It's blown up on so many different platforms. It's even popular on Reddit, and I've posted a bunch of stuff on Reddit before and it really went nowhere.

"I figured it would die down after last week, but it hasn't."

The 6-foot-2 guard said he'd never completed a dunk from the foul line before hitting the one featured in the video, which the school confirmed was completed on a regulation-sized basketball hoop.

Of this, I'm certain: Get Dickert on a plane to Phoenix next April. He deserves to be in the annual college dunk contest.

This should be automatic. I don't think there are three D-I players who can do what he's done. You want more? Here's another highlight video, this one from more than a year ago.

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