WATCH: Texas Tech coach Chris Beard gets heated after walk-on dunks in garbage time

Texas Tech coach Chris Beard didn't have to do much screaming Saturday as his Red Raiders rolled to a comfortable 86-61 win over Baylor. Until the waning moments of the second half, that is.

With Texas Tech up 23 with 15 seconds left and possession of the ball, Beard asked his players to run out the clock. Two players however, walk-ons Andrew Sorrels and Avery Benson, had other plans. With 7 seconds left, Sorrells lobbed an alley-oop to Benson, who promptly finished with an emphatic jam. As far as unwritten rules in basketball, dunking with such a cushy lead in garbage time is a no-no.

Beard then proceeded to make up for his lack of screaming in-game with a mini-tantrum in response. He appeared to apologize to Baylor coach Scott Drew, and then asked Sorrells to do the same in the handshake line.

Dunking late in a game over a team you've thoroughly destroyed is a bad look, and these two walk-ons are going to learn just how bad when they have to pay the price in practice this week. But you have to feel for them, too. How many times do walk-ons get a chance to dunk in a conference game, much less against a team of Baylor's caliber?

After Beard's response, I think the answer to that question will remain at one for a long, long time.

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