There are crazy dunks. Then there is what Grayson Allen did to UNLV in transition.

As Duke pushed the tempo against the Running Rebels, Matt Jones fielded the pass down the floor and found Grayson Allen streaking down the floor. He used every bit of his momentum to launch into the air, altering his body in mid-flight to throw down this nasty dunk.

It was quite the dunk, but unfortunately it didn't look like the most Grays-ful landing (see what I did there.)

Allen popped right back up, though, and seems to be operating at a new level after sitting the last game to rest some lingering injuries. After a big play like that, it appears his toe injury that has been nagging him early this season could be in the rear-view mirror. That's certainly good news for Duke, who is rounding into health just in time for conference play.