When you watch the NCAA Tournament and the stars on your television throughout March, it’s easy to forget that these players are also students. They have a job to get back to, much like you and I, although their job is in the classroom.

North Carolina’s Luke Maye was the star on Sunday, knocking down an eventual game-winner for the Tar Heels that sent his team into the Final Four in the closing seconds. But when Monday morning rolled around, his butt was in attendance for an 8 a.m. business class. His classmates welcomed him with a standing ovation, which you can see in the video above.

I can’t pretend to play a scenario in which I hit the game-winner to send my team to the Final Four. But if I ever did, you can bet I’d be hitting the snooze button the next morning. And no one would’ve blamed Maye for doing the same after making the biggest shot of his entire career.

That’s got to make Roy Williams a happy camper.