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The news that Fab Melo would be ineligible for Syracuse comes just two days after the bracket was announced.  Very convenient...had it been known before the announcment, it's possible (note -- not definite) that the Orange could have dropped a seed.  That would have elevated the top two-seed, Kansas, to a one.  If you mess with the top of the bracket, there's a trickle down effect, not so much in seeding as in matchups.  Here's what I think that would have looked like...

1 Kentucky vs 16 MVSU/WKU8 Iowa St vs 9 Saint Louis
4 Wisconsin vs 13 Long Beach
5 Wichita vs 12 VCU
3 Georgetown vs 14 S Dakota St
6 San Diego St vs 11 Texas
2 Duke vs 15 Norfolk St
7 Gonzaga vs 10 West Va

1 Kansas vs 16 Long Island
8 Memphis vs 9 UConn
4 Indiana vs 13 New Mex St
5 Vandy vs 12 Colorado
3 Florida St vs 14 Belmont
6 Cinci vs 11 BYU/Iona
2 Ohio St vs 15 Lehigh
7 Notre Dame vs 10 Xavier

1 UNC vs 16 Lamar/Vermont
8 Kansas St vs 9 Southern Miss
4 Michigan vs 13 Ohio
5 Temple vs 12 Cal/USF
3 Baylor vs 14 Montana
6 UNLV vs 11 NC State
2 Syracuse vs 15 Loyola
7 St. Marys vs 10 Purdue

1 Michigan St vs 16 UNC Asheville
8 Creighton vs 9 Alabama
4 Louisville vs 13 Davidson
5 New Mexico vs 12 Harvard
3 Marquette vs 14 St. Bonny
6 Murray St vs 11 Colorado St
2 Mizzou vs 15 Detroit
7 Florida vs 10 Virginia

It turns out that most of the 8-9 and 7-10 matchups don't change, but the regions they are played in might.  The trickle down effect is that the effort to keep teams from the same conference apart changes with a 1-2 swap of teams from different leagues.

I also moved BYU/Iona up instead of down a seed line, which I feel the committee should have done as well.  They were moved so that the winner wouldn't have to travel west on a quick turnaround.  The difference between an 11-seed and a 12 is much smaller than the difference between a 13 and a 14, so that's a more logical move.  Also, I was able to do it so that there are no non-PIG-playing at-large teams below BYU and Iona in the bracket.

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