Which schools' former players are making the most NBA money?

If you're going to measure success of colleges boasting former players in the NBA, dollars earned is certainly one way to do that. 

Collegespun.com did the long arithmetic and identified which schools are seeing their former players bring in the most money. It's a valid inquisition, because this kind of stuff absolutely means a lot to players as they decide on where to go. Not every 17-year-old, Division I-bound kid is fixated on his path to the NBA and the money that he could eventually make, but plenty are.

And with the NBA playoffs in full bloom, the draft lottery next week and the NBA Draft coming up next month, why not take a look at the connection between college and the pros? So here's how things tallied up for the 2012-13 season, with salaries according to ESPN.com's database. (I double-checked using DraftExpress.com's salary database as well.) Check the original report for the full info on team salaries; I'm just passing along the list and the highest-paid alum still wearing NBA threads.

15. Michigan State Spartans . Highest-paid former player: Zach Randolph ($16.5 million).
14. Marquette Golden Eagles . Dwyane Wade ($17.2 million).
13. Syracuse Orange . Carmelo Anthony ($19.9 million). 
12. LSU Tigers . Tyrus Thomas ($8 million)
11. Wake Forest Demon Deacons . Chris Paul ($18.1 million).
10. North Carolina Tar Heels . Marvin Williams ($8.3 million).
9. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets . Chris Bosh ($17.5 million).
8. Texas Longhorns . Kevin Durant ($15 million).
7. Kansas Jayhawks . Paul Pierce ($16.8 million).
6. Arizona Wildcats . Andre Iguodala ($14.7 million).
5. UCLA Bruins . Russell Westbrook ($13.7 million).
4. Kentucky Wildcats . Rajon Rondo ($11 million).
3. Florida Gators . David Lee ($12.7 million).
2. Connecticut Huskies . Rudy Gay ($16.4 million).
1. Duke Blue Devils . Carlos Boozer ($15 million).

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